Yorks Bakery Cafe 2015

Yorks Bakery Cafe Full English Breakfast – Stephenson Street (2016 review)

Firstly, this is an outstanding cafe in the heart of Birmingham.

In 2014’s Yorks was the best breakfast in Birmingham. Its still good, but no longer the best.

The breakfast here is like the establishment – quirky. Not served on a plate, they serve the breakfast on enamel plate on a wooden board. Obviously, you don’t get standard baked beans – because they make their own baked beans!

Yorks Bakery Cafe Full English Breakfast
Yorks Bakery Cafe Full English Breakfast

Its a single sausage, (which is great), 2 x bacon good, 2 x eggs, tomato, hash brown, black pudding and a field mushroom. Over and above this, you get the home made beans, (slightly smoky – superb), and the best toast you can get – hot, buttered sour dough toast. Its not cheap, but you get what you pay for, (£8.95 for the standard – which is great for me – but they do a large one for £12.95 – a friend attempted it but failed!).

They have changed the breakfast in 2015, it was 9/10, I think its now an 8. They no longer make their own beans, (which is a shame), the price has also gone up, its now £10.90 – making it quite expensive.

NOTE 2: Although the post says out of business, they are in business – they have moved premises though: 29 / 30 Stephenson St, Birmingham B2 4BH

BBC Recommended!

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

BBC Rating

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