Bradbourne House B and B

Bradbourne House B and B Full English Breakfast – Stratford upon Avon – Shocker!

My wife and I stayed here to visit friends that were camping. We don’t camp, so it was a B and B for us. The review is not about the Bed, (not good), but the breakfast – (equally not good).

Firstly, I was informed that breakfast was between 8:30 and 9:00. We arrived at 8:30, as instructed and were told where to sit. Specifically where to sit, (it was because we were joined by some other guests). I ordered a Full English with poached eggs. It arrived. It was bloody awful. Over done sausage, (x1), dry bacon, (x1), 2 solid ‘ice hockey puck like’ poached eggs (x2), tinned plum tomatoes, (breakfast highlight), and a rack of shared toast. That was it. I would love to say that the ingredients were amazing so the quality shone through, but it didn’t. I would love to say that the quiet atmosphere was great, but the ‘last orders bell’ – think dinner ladies from where you were in infant school, ringing out at 08:50 meant that didn’t happen and the woman that was walking around the breakfast room in her bare feet didn’t help either.

There is only one photo as it would have been obvious that it was take for a reason such as this review – it certainly wasn’t to show the world how good it was.

I forgot: at one point, the owner came out with a French chef’s hat on. (facepalm)!

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